What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your Car In A Strange Place

Posted on: 20 July 2015
Getting locked out of your car is never an enjoyable experience, especially if you happen to get locked out in a strange area. If you do have this happen to you, don't panic. Here are the things you should do if you ever get locked out of your car in a place you don't know so you and your vehicle can stay safe. Don't leave your vehicle unattended Stay with your vehicle.
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The Truth Behind Two Myths About Being Locked Out Of Your Car

Posted on: 14 July 2015
There may come a time where you find that you have accidentally locked your keys inside your car. Without a spare set easily accessible, you will need to call someone to get you out of your dilemma. Unfortunately, there are a couple of myths regarding who to call in auto lockout situation. Here is the truth behind two auto lockout myths. Myth 1: Police Officers And Towing Companies Can Unlock Your Car
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Choosing An Effective Deadbolt Combination For Your Front Door

Posted on: 13 July 2015
When looking for the best deadbolt for your front door, there are several components that make it effective. The best locks won't be useful if the strike plate and door frame are the weak points. Here is how to choose the deadbolt and components that give you the most protection. Anatomy of a Deadbolt The deadbolt mechanism attaches to the door with a thick steel bolt extending from inside the door into the door frame.
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