Rekeying Your Home For Safety Reasons

How To Properly Store Jewelry In Your Safe

General-purpose safes can be great for keeping your jewelry secure, but you’ll need to store your pieces properly to help them to remain beautiful. Packing your items into the safe efficiently will also make it easier to remove them from the safe in the event of an emergency. Here are a few helpful tips you […]

Face Not Recognizable? How To Improve A Security Camera’s Image Quality

If your business has security concerns, any security camera can be better than none. However, without a camera that has the best possible image, that image you managed to capture may not be useful enough to allow you to identify whoever is the subject of the recording. Then, any effort to deliver helpful images to […]

Types Of Tools Used By Locksmiths To Unlock Automobiles

At some point, almost everyone has unintentionally locked their keys up inside their vehicle. To resolve this problem, it may be necessary to hire a professional locksmith who can use special tools to unlock the car. These are some of the different types of tools that professional locksmiths use to unlock automobiles. Slim Jims  Slim […]

Deadbolts On Your Windows? Yes, There Are Locks And Installation Steps For That

Most modern windows already come with their own locking latches. However, if you wanted added security, or if your windows are so old they do not have latches at all, you may want to install deadbolts on your windows. The following information will provide more details on what window deadbolts look like, how they work and how […]

5 Good Reasons To Choose Keyless Locks

Although most people still think of a traditional keyed system when they go shopping for a new lock for their home, keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly popular. The locks on these systems are released using an access code rather than a key. As such, they are less likely to be breached by criminals. However, […]

What To Consider When Purchasing A Gun Safe

Whether you have children or not, it is always better to be a safe gun owner. This means purchasing a gun safe to store the gun in. Naturally, there are a lot of factors to consider to guarantee you purchase the best safe for your needs. How Much Are You Storing in the Safe? Make […]

3 Things A Locksmith Can Do For You

At some point in time or another, you or someone you know has probably found themselves locked out of their vehicle or home. While this can be frustrating and stressful, there is always someone you can turn to for help. Instead of panicking and worrying about what you are going to do, turn to a […]

3 Unique Spots To Hide Your Spare House Key

If you want to make sure that you are no longer at risk for being locked outside of your home with no way to get back in, you might want to consider the following unique places to hide your spare key. Use one of the suggestions or all three, and make sure that everyone else […]

Freeing Your Child From A Locked Room

If you have a toddler who had mistakenly locked themselves inside a room and they are not able to open it on their own, you will need to work quickly in getting them out so they are not frightened. Working fast will also help to keep them from injuring themselves while they are on their […]

Tips For Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

No house is impenetrable. However, securing the entrance points to your home before you leave on vacation can go a long way towards keeping your property safe and giving you peace of mind while you’re away. Securing your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are a number of easy things you can […]