5 Unique Keyless Entry System Problems

Posted on: 17 July 2023

The era of worrying about lost or forgotten keys is getting overtaken, thanks to the advent of keyless entry systems. These advanced systems provide a more secure way to access your home or business, allowing you to unlock the door with a single touch.

However, like other systems, keyless entry can experience common breakdowns.

Malfunctioning Sensors

Most keyless systems have numerous tiny sensors that detect when an authorized user is attempting to gain entry. These sensors can become corrupted, preventing entry even with the correct code.

Sensors may malfunction due to extreme weather, power outages, or general wear and tear. A locksmith can repair or replace the sensors to ensure your system functions properly.

Battery Failure

Keyless entry systems usually have batteries that power the locks and sensors. If these batteries are not replaced promptly, they can fail, leaving you stuck outside with no way to gain entrance.

If you find yourself in this situation, a locksmith can replace the batteries and restore your system.

Software Corruptions

These entry systems commonly rely on a software program to function correctly; if the software is corrupt, your system may not work. This corruption can occur due to an outdated software version or interference from malicious code like viruses or malware.

Either way, you should immediately contact a professional to diagnose and repair the software.

Jammed or Stuck Deadbolts 

Sometimes, internal components of the deadbolt may become stuck or jammed due to excess dirt. Also, if the components are not lubricated regularly, they can fail to operate properly.

A locksmith can inspect and replace any jamming parts to ensure your keyless entry system works again. If necessary, they can also lubricate the components to prevent future malfunctions.

Physical Damage

Keyless entry systems are usually durable and long-lasting, but that doesn't mean they're invulnerable to physical damage. For instance, the door lock may be damaged if someone tries to tamper with your system or forcefully breaks in. Also, if your lock is exposed to moisture or extreme weather, it can become corroded and damaged.

In such situations, a locksmith can repair or replace the physical components of your keyless entry system. They'll also suggest ways to protect your system from similar damage in the future.

No matter what issue you're experiencing with your keyless entry system, a reputable locksmith can help. It's important to choose someone experienced in this field so they can diagnose and repair the problem correctly. Contact a company like Pro-Lock Locksmith Service LLC to learn more.