What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your Car In A Strange Place

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Getting locked out of your car is never an enjoyable experience, especially if you happen to get locked out in a strange area. If you do have this happen to you, don't panic. Here are the things you should do if you ever get locked out of your car in a place you don't know so you and your vehicle can stay safe.

Don't leave your vehicle unattended

Stay with your vehicle. Someone may have seen you attempt to get in your car only to be frustratedly locked out, and may make a move to break into your vehicle as soon as you wander off for help. Stay with your vehicle, but keep your phone in your hand at all times with 911 on speed dial ready to call if someone approaches you. Keep your wallet or purse on your person at all times, and if you have your house keys with you, lace them in between your fingers to act as a weapon should someone approach you.

Call the nearest family member

Call your nearest friend or family member and let them know you've been locked out of your vehicle. They can come and get you, or have you sit in their car while you await the arrival of help. This way, you aren't stuck sitting alone in a parking lot vulnerable to the weather and other people. When you call them, let them know what you are wearing and the license plate of your vehicle just in case an emergency happens before they can get to your location.

Call a locksmith

The next phone call you make should be to a locksmith. A locksmith can meet you at your vehicle and get into it for you. You may have to call the DMV or another family member to verify  ownership of the vehicle, or your locksmith can call in your license plate to ensure you are the owner. Once this has been established, they can get you into your vehicle quickly without damaging your car.

Let people know you're OK

Once you get back into your vehicle, let any family members who know about your situation know that you are now OK. Give them another call when you get back to your home so they know you arrived at your property safe and sound.

Nobody likes getting locked out of their car, especially in a strange place. It may take only a few moments to get a locksmith to your vehicle, but in those moments there are many safety measures you can take to ensure your own protection. For more tips on working with a locksmith, contact a company like Broadway Locksmith Inc.