A Transponder Key Will Deter Theft

Posted on: 21 January 2021

Hotwiring a vehicle or tearing apart an ignition are two ways that criminals have worked around not having the keys necessary to steal vehicles. There have been many new vehicle models introduced that each utilize a transponder key. If you are going to be purchasing a new or secondhand vehicle, learn how a model that requires the use of a transponder key could protect your investment from theft.

How A Transponder Key Works

A transponder key contains a microchip near its head, which is programmed in conjunction with a vehicle's security system. The key's programming utilizes a unique serial number which coincides with the interior of an ignition. When the microchip comes into contact with the ignition switch, the owner of the vehicle can turn their key to start up the vehicle.

If a standard key or one that isn't chipped properly is used in an attempt to start the vehicle, the ignition switch will be disabled. Because of this type of keying technology, removing the ignition or attempting to access the wires necessary to start a vehicle will not be possible.

What To Be On The Lookout For

If you want to ensure that your new vehicle will be adequately protected from theft, you may want to invest in a vehicle that utilizes a transponder key system. Some makes and models come equipped with a transponder key and fob and some come with a standard key, but include an option that will allow a consumer to purchase a transponder key separately.

There are also many vehicles that require the use of a standard key, although this key setup is usually only utilized with older-model vehicles. If you are going to be shopping for both new and used vehicles, ask the seller about the key type that comes with each model that you are contemplating purchasing.

If you come across a vehicle that you like, but it comes with a standard key, you may still be able to acquire a transponder key. Look up the make and model of the vehicle or speak to a vehicle salesperson about the vehicle that is of interest.

If you have the option of using a standard key or a transponder key, you can order the transponder key through a locksmith or a dealership. Transponder keys are more expensive than standard ones, so a sturdy fob or keychain should be used to keep track of any chipped keys that you purchase. 

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