How To Properly Store Jewelry In Your Safe

Posted on: 25 August 2016

General-purpose safes can be great for keeping your jewelry secure, but you'll need to store your pieces properly to help them to remain beautiful. Packing your items into the safe efficiently will also make it easier to remove them from the safe in the event of an emergency. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to store your jewelry in your safe.

Invest In Jewelry Trays

Jewelry can be made with soft metals and delicate materials, such as gold or pearls. Placing all your items in a box kept in your safe can cause dings or scratches to our jewelry. Invest in stacking velvet or felt-lined trays designed to hold jewelry. You can purchase trays designed for rings, bracelets, brooches, and necklaces. The trays stack together neatly, so you can grab the entire stack if you need to remove the items quickly in the event of an emergency.

Label The Trays

To avoid having to move all the trays to find the piece you want in your safe, consider labeling each tray. You can use plain white labeling stickers to write out the contents of each tray. This can be as simple as organizing each tray by the type of jewelry being stored, or you can get specific and write out the inventory for each tray.

Avoid Hanging Necklaces

While hanging necklaces on hooks in your safe may sound like an easy way to keep them from becoming tangled, the weight of the jewelry can cause stress on weak points in the chains or beading. You can keep necklaces from tangling by wrapping them in cloth before placing them in your jewelry trays.

Clean Your Jewelry

To keep oils and dirt from tarnishing your jewelry, be sure to clean your pieces after you wear them. Putting them away cleaned will help to keep them in great shape. Cleaning cloths can make it easy to do a quick cleaning, or you can use a jewelry cleaner and solution to keep the items beautiful.

Make Sure The Safe Is Situated Properly

Some jewelry can become damaged if stored in high temperatures. Make sure your safe is placed away from heating vents to keep the interior from becoming too warm. Placing the safe in a closet is a good option, or for smaller safes, they can be placed under the bed.

Use these tips to ensure your jewelry is safely tucked away in your safe. Be sure to write out an inventory of all the pieces you will store in your safe so you can quickly identify if an item is missing. For more information, contact local professionals like Anytime Lock & Safe.