Types Of Tools Used By Locksmiths To Unlock Automobiles

Posted on: 11 July 2016

At some point, almost everyone has unintentionally locked their keys up inside their vehicle. To resolve this problem, it may be necessary to hire a professional locksmith who can use special tools to unlock the car. These are some of the different types of tools that professional locksmiths use to unlock automobiles.

Slim Jims 

Slim jims are one of the most common types of tools used for unlocking automobiles. This tool is a steel bar that can be a variety of different lengths depending on the brand. It has notches on the bottom and may have a slightly bent shape. 

A slim jim is used by inserting it between the glass of the car window and the weatherstripping around it. The notches on the bottom of the slim jim are used to grab the locking switch and unlock the car.

Hooked Horizontal Linkage Tool 

A hooked horizontal linkage tool works best on vehicles that have horizontal locking rods inside the door. The tool has a small hook on the end that catches the locking rod so it can be moved to the unlocked position. This tool is also inserted between the car window and the weatherstripping.

Locksmith Wedges

Before using tools that must be inserted between the car window and the weatherstripping, a locksmith may also use a small wedge to create a gap for inserting the unlocking tool. This helps prevent the window from breaking while attempting to unlock the door. 

Long Reach Tools 

Long reach tools are very long rods of steel that are several feet long. These tools are used in situations where one window is slightly open, but the door lock on that particular door cannot be reached. Therefore, the long reach tool is used by putting it in through the open window and reaching over to unlock the door on the opposite side.

Auto Jiggler Sets 

Auto jiggler sets are also used for unlocking cars by professional locksmiths. These tools are often kept on a key ring like a key set, but instead they have special blank keys with built in lock picks.

This type of tool is used by inserting it directly into the lock on the outside of the car door. Each automobile make and model has its own unique type of auto jiggler that is normally kept on hand by professional locksmiths.

While some car owners try to unlock a car by using a bent coat hanger, it is always best to have your automobile unlocked by a professional locksmith to prevent damage to your vehicle.

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