Simple Yet Effective Changes Your Business Needs To Stay Secure

Posted on: 27 July 2015

Protecting your business is a top priority, but you want simple methods for keeping your business and employees safe. Luckily, you can make some simple yet effective changes that will help you accomplish your goal.

Customized Locks and Keys

Many business owners rely on deadbolts for securing their doors. However, smart thieves can make a copy of your key by using an online company. The online company makes a copy of the key from a picture and then ships the key to the person that ordered it.

To prevent potential thieves from doing this, you want to invest in customized locks and keys. This option is more secure is because the lock only works with a specific key type. The blanks used to cut new keys are patented, and the manufacturers that make these locks usually sell their products to certified locksmiths with a business license.

Since the manufacturers are so meticulous about who can get their blank keys, many online businesses cannot make a key for these locks. In most cases, you need to have a locksmith order the locks and keys for you. After the items arrive, the locksmith will install them and give you a set of new keys that the average thief cannot copy.

Buzzer System

The backdoor of your building is another area where security always needs to be a high priority. This is especially important when you get deliveries after hours. You do not want your employees opening the door because they heard someone knock on it.

To keep everyone safe, invest in a backdoor with a peephole or small window along with a buzzer. The idea is that when someone comes to the door, they use the buzzer and your employees will look through the peephole or window. Your employee will ask the delivery person to show the work order and their ID badge. After seeing the identification, the employee can then open the door.

Another option you can use is to install an intercom and camera system along with the buzzer. This set up also gives you a clear image of each person that shows up to deliver something. The delivery person presses the buzzer and your employee use the intercom to talk to them while the camera feeds the video to a screen near the door.

Fortunately, some of your best protection methods for your building are simple changes such as installing new locks and a buzzer system. By taking the time to consider these options, you can determine which ones are ideal for your business to use. For additional help deciding on a safe system for your business, contacted a professional locksmith company, like Irvine Lock & Key.