Three Crucial Times Every Homeowner Should Change Their Locks

Posted on: 22 July 2015

When you think about it, you put a lot of faith in the locks that you have on the doors in your home. Some people will spend their entire lives in a house with the same locks and never consider changing them. However, this may not always be the best thing. If you never change your locks, you are actually leaving your home vulnerable to predators and people who have shady motives for getting inside. There are three points at which the locks of your home should be changed by a locksmith.

When You Initially Move Into a Home

Whether you have just bought your first house or you just moved into a rental property, you should make sure the locks are changed. You never know how responsible the previous residents were with their house keys, and you never know how trustworthy they were themselves. The last thing you want is a free key to your home and personal possessions floating around after you move in. If you are renting, clear it with the landlord to make sure the locks have at least been re-keyed, and if not, ask them to do so on your behalf.

After a Change in Current Resident Status

After a divorce or separation, when your roommate moves out, and even when a relative is no longer welcome to the couch, you should contact a locksmith to change the locks on your doors. Even the people you may have once trusted the most can cause a lot of problems if they get into your home once they are no longer welcome there. Plus, it may not always be easy to collect your keys if someone left on bad terms.

Upon a Major Investment in Furnishings

Say, for example, you get a big bonus at work or come into a fair amount of money. You spend a good portion of your money on new home furnishings, like that cool home theater system or an antique painting that's worth a good chunk of change. When you are significantly changing the value of the contents of your home, you should not only up your insurance policy, but also double check to ensure the locks in your home are as up-to-date as possible. 

If you are unsure of when the locks in your home were changed, it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional locksmith like those at Action Lock & Safe. It is better to go a few extra steps to keep your home safe and changing the locks is one of the simplest upgrades you can make.